CMF (Myth)

BlackMyth is the head of the Crack Music Family, as the elder he pretty much keeps things balanced and in control. Music wise he keeps things very aggressive, with a slew of mixtapes in his wake and more music on the way, expect 2017 to be another Black Summa, that mixtape is currently available in our music section but you can click here for that classic Halfway House Music mixtape hosted by DJ Lazy K #CMFDAT click the pic to follow BlackMyth


Bando is the Crack Music Family's wild boy. If he aint talking super slick to somebody, or clowning somebody, he's on a mission to get that bag right. Musically he takes you into an environment you probably never knew existed. We've come to think of it as suburban trap and trust me it's as real as it sounds. With lyrical dexterity and wit Bando continues to impress, you can find Matinee, his most recent work in our music section or you can click here and hear that classic Fetti Season mixtape with him and Tripz Season as co-defendents, definitely CRACK #CMFDAT click pic and follow Fetti Bando


$imba is the Crack Music Family's laid back playboy. Repping that exit 12, he takes you thru the Carter with tales of a young lion on the come up. With a flow that just won't be categorized and a penchant for making records that cover the entire spectrum of listeners, expect to see $imba everywhere in 2017. Peep his most recent video on our home page or videos page and click here if you need more of the young lion's music #CMFDAT click the pic to follow $imba


Chiraq is by far Crack Music Family's most prolific hit maker. Hailing from the Windy City, Chiraq was transplanted to Jersey in junior highschool. With his midwest sinister drill vibe and east coast swag, he has crafted more then enough hits to move any club The Showgodzzz perform in. With a mixtape slated to drop this summer, expect to be singing one of his hits throughout the rest of the year. Click here to hear some of Chiraq's music that may not be on the site and to follow him as well, click the pic #CMFDAT


Rell is Crack Music Family's young firecracker. When he goes off it's so unexpected, on the surface he looks like the guy that might be in the cut but when you hear his music, you feel like he might cut somebody. Not even going hard with the music until the last few years, it's amazing how much better he is then so called polished artists. He's featured on the I Get To The Money single on our home page with Chiraq and has his own project dropping later on this year, sleep if you want, he will wake you tf up #CMFDAT click on the pic to follow Rell


Tripz is Crack Music Family's lone female artist, but you wouldn't know that at a glance. She could possibly be the most versatile artist in the family. Her skill set allows her to jump on just about any genre of hip hop around. With a mostly laid back flow, she catches you off guard with hard punchlines filled with metaphors and similes. Her mixtape Don't Trip is done and should be on the streets mid summer, I'm sure it'll be a dirty cup affair filled with bangers, click here if you'd like to hear her classic FettiSeason with Fetti Bando, definitely CRACK #CMFDAT click the pic to follow Tripz


Krank is Crack Music Family's resident savage. His style of music might be described as kinetic because of the energy he gives to it. With a few bangers under his belt, Krank has solidified himself as a threat to the industry, but legal problems have kept him somewhat out of the picture. With hopes of wrapping those up soon and a video for his monster hit Too Much in the works, expect to see alot more Krank Double O, the question is, are you ready ?? #CMFDAT click the pic to follow Krank


Rocko is Crack Music Family's resident wild man, if CMF  were the Wu, he would definitely be their ODB. Musically he also channels the lyrical complexity and boom bap ruggedness of hip-hop's golden era. With his Black Jason alter ego, Rocko has dropped mixtapes like Friday the 13th and Biohazard which have received cult like love from his fans. Fresh out of the box and working on new material, expect to see much more of K-Rocko in 2017, click here to catch up with his music and click on the pic to follow Rocko #CMFDAT

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